Thursday, June 6, 2013

The 'Spanish' Chronicle

Henry VIII in Council from Holinshed's
'Chronicles of England,' 1577. Several
'Chronicles' date from the reign of
Henry VIII and offer a fascinating
glimpse into the lives and thoughts of
those living under him. 
The Chronicle of Henry VIII of England, or less formally known as 'The Spanish Chronicle,' is a primary source from the 1500's, which chronicles events in the reign of Henry VIII.

No one knows who authored this extremely biased view of Henry's reign. It was originally written in Spanish, and possibly by the Spanish ambassador or one of his household. Despite being a primary source, most of its content is opinion and hearsay, mixed in with actual events and facts. It can be difficult to determine what is real, and what the author heard or simply believes. However, it is a primary source, thus cannot be fully discounted. If nothing else, it gives an interesting insight into Henry's reign, through the eyes of the Spanish.

It was translated and published (with notes) in 1889 by Martin Hume.

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